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Cost of broken collarbone repair in Maine

The average cash price for broken collarbone repair care in Maine is $11,187 at outpatient hospital. Read More

Average cash price in Maine

A common broken collarbone repair at outpatient hospital facility in Maine includes

  Units Avg Cash price


Orthopedic surgeon visit provider fee

First time visit Standard
1 $125

Emergency visit provider fee

Moderate Standard
1 $78

Provider fee to repair broken collar bone

Invasive Standard
1 $885


Outpatient Hospital fee to repair broken collar bone

level 4 Standard
1 $7,062

Outpatient Hospital fee for emergency visit

level 3 Standard
1 $264


Radiology fee for x-ray of collar bones

One collar bone Standard
1 $42

Radiology fee for shoulder x-ray

2+ views Standard
1 $43

Radiology fee for wrist x-ray

3+ views Standard
1 $52



Standard Standard
20 $10


Implantable anchor/screw

Standard Standard
1 $929


Transportation fee for ambulance mileage

Ground or water transport Standard
6 $119

Transportation fee for ambulance services

Basic life support Standard
1 $844


Anesthesiologist fee to be "put under" for procedure

Level 3 Standard
1 $190

Anesthesiologist time to be "put under" for procedure

Per minute Standard
287 $542
Total average cash price   $11,186.61

About the broken collarbone repair Average Cash Prices

Outpatient facilities are outpatient departments or clinics that may be within or next to a hospital, but is owned and run by the affiliated hospital. These facilities can perform surgical treatments and procedures that do not require an overnight stay. Procedures performed at an outpatient hospital are often more expensive than when they are performed in an ambulatory surgery center, but outpatient hospitals may offer more complimentary and support services for patients because they are connected to the hospital system.

* Savings estimate based on a study of more than 1 billion claims comparing self-pay (or cash pay) prices of a frequency-weighted market basket of procedures to insurer-negotiated rates for the same. Claims were collected between July 2017 and July 2019. R.Lawrence Van Horn, Arthur Laffer, Robert L.Metcalf. 2019. The Transformative Potential for Price Transparency in Healthcare: Benefits for Consumers and Providers. Health Management Policy and Innovation, Volume 4, Issue 3.

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