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Finally, a way to compare healthcare costs before scheduling procedures

When you can, it’s smart to plan. Start with our expansive list of non-urgent medical services and find the fair price for each to make comparison shopping easier.

Bye bye cost mysteries

Shopping ahead for care gives you an opportunity to comparison shop for the best price before scheduling.

Need to have tonsils removed? A colonoscopy? An MRI? The Sidecar Healthcare Calculator includes more than 70 services. You'll even find examples where typically connected services are bundled – think anesthesiologist, lab work, facility fees, etc.

These groupings are referred to as episodes of care to give you an idea of other related services that you'll need, versus just the single service. Because doctors and facilities have their own ways of working, it’s best to speak to your healthcare provider in advance about any additional services involved in the service you’re looking for.

Episodes of care

Select an episode of care to discover some services that can be associated with it

$1,608 average cash price


  • 59% Facility fee
  • 23% Gastroenterologist
  • 2% Lab fee
  • 16% Anesthesia
$7,051 average cash price
ALC Surgery


  • 68% Facility fee
  • 8% Anesthesia
  • 5% MRI
  • 1% Crutches + pain meds
  • 18% Orthopedic surgeon
$663 average cash price
Broken Arm


  • 56% Broken arm care
  • 27% Doctor visit
  • 17% X-rays
$397 average cash price
Annual Exam


  • 59% Facility fee
  • 23% Gastroenterologist
  • 2% Lab fee
  • 16% Anesthesia

For illustrative purposes only. Depending on your specific needs, each episode of care may require more or fewer services.

Sidecar Health® is all about transparency

Now there’s a law that is, too

The Transparency in Coverage Rule was created in response to how to cost of healthcare was often a mystery until a bill (or string of bills) arrived weeks later. For the first time, healthcare providers (starting with hospitals, then expanding to other providers and insurers) will be required to disclose price information for healthcare services. Because Sidecar Health is all about finally giving people transparency in healthcare costs and choices, we are proud to say we’ve been making this possible in advance of any requirement.

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All about transparency
Cost Care

Sidecar Health helps you shop and save

Sidecar Health is all about making healthcare finally fair, so we’ve created the Sidecar Healthcare Calculator to give you – not traditional insurance companies – control over healthcare costs and provider choice. Use it to search for what healthcare procedures and prescriptions cost before you visit.

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* Savings estimate based on a study of more than 1 billion claims comparing self-pay (or cash pay) prices of a frequency-weighted market basket of procedures to insurer-negotiated rates for the same. Claims were collected between July 2017 and July 2019. R.Lawrence Van Horn, Arthur Laffer, Robert L.Metcalf. 2019. The Transformative Potential for Price Transparency in Healthcare: Benefits for Consumers and Providers. Health Management Policy and Innovation, Volume 4, Issue 3.

Sidecar Health offers and administers a variety of plans including ACA compliant and excepted benefit plans. Coverage and plan options may vary or may not be available in all states.

Your actual costs may be higher or lower than these cost estimates. Check with your provider and health plan details to confirm the costs that you may be charged for a service or procedure.You are responsible for costs that are not covered and for getting any pre-authorizations or referrals required by your health plan. Neither payments nor benefits are guaranteed. Provider data, including price data, provided in part by Turquoise Health.

The site is not a substitute for medical or healthcare advice and does not serve as a recommendation for a particular provider or type of medical or healthcare.