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What is ulnar nerve release surgery?

Ulnar nerve release surgery is a treatment for “cubital tunnel syndrome.” This syndrome leads to pain both along the inside of the elbow and the fourth and fifth fingers of the hand. In more severe cases, it can be disabling, causing severe cramping in the hand with even light activity. 

Cubital tunnel syndrome is very similar to the more common condition, carpal tunnel syndrome. In both of these conditions, the nerves leading to your hand are compressed by swelling in the body structures that surround them. This compression leads to pain, cramping, and difficulty using the affected hand. This swelling can be caused by overuse of the elbow, certain repetitive motions, and other medical conditions.

An ulnar nerve release surgery for cubital tunnel syndrome will be recommended if you have numbness, tingling, weakness, or muscle breakdown in the hand that a doctor diagnoses as due to cubital nerve compression. Surgery is usually only done after braces, physical therapy, and rest fail to relieve symptoms.

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