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What can you expect after cubital tunnel release surgery?

After cubital tunnel release surgery, you’ll be taken to the recovery room and monitored before being released home. Your arm will be in a splint to hold it still. The splint will stay in place for a week or two after surgery. At your follow-up appointment with the surgeon, the splint will be removed. 

Some discomfort following surgery is normal. Your doctor will help design a rehabilitation plan that may include medication to keep you comfortable and physical therapy. Pain and numbness that were present before your surgery will begin to subside, but it may take a few months to resolve completely.

What is cubital tunnel release surgery?

Are you put to sleep for cubital tunnel release surgery?

How many hours does cubital tunnel release surgery take?

How painful is cubital tunnel release surgery?

How long does it take to recover from cubital tunnel release surgery?

What can you not do after cubital tunnel release surgery?

How successful is cubital tunnel release surgery?

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