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How do you repair forehead paralysis?

Nerves that are severely damaged do not heal. Because of this, repairing forehead paralysis requires altering the physical structure of the face to return your appearance to that which you had before the paralysis occurred. 

Facial paralysis often only occurs on one side of the face. This is why surgery is usually only done on the affected side. However, surgery on both sides may be required if it is impossible to restore the symmetry of the face without altering the unparalyzed side. 

Repair of forehead paralysis is done by lifting the eyebrow surgically. This surgery is done endoscopically. Endoscopy is commonly called “minimally invasive surgery;” it refers to the use of a very small incision and tools and cameras on extended sticks that allow surgeons to alter the anatomy inside the face without leaving a large scar. 

You will hear this procedure referred to by many names, such as eyelid lift, forehead lift, brow lift, browpexy, and periorbital reconstruction. In all cases, it involves reshaping the now paralyzed muscles and the tissue that surrounds them to restore your natural appearance.

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